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 Information introduction of nut drying machine

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Nut dryer is a new type of drying equipment launched by Shouchuang, which adopts air energy heat pump drying technology, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional drying machines such as uneven drying, long drying cycle, high energy consumption, and serious pollution. The whole set of equipment consists of a heat pump host, drying room, touch screen control system, condenser, evaporator, high temperature, and high humidity circulation fan, moisture discharge system, temperature, and humidity control system, etc. The heat pump drying system is composed of a heat pump drying room. Energy-saving, low-carbon environmental protection, simple operation, no need for full-time personnel to guard, the ideal choice for low-temperature drying.

Here is the content list:

l Nut dryer core components.

l Nut dryer advantages.

l Introduction to the operation process of nut dryer

nut dryer

Nut drying machine core components.

The drying room plate is divided into

1、Polyurethane board material

2、Foam board material

3、304 stainless steel polyurethane plate material

4、 The baking room can be added sterilization tube (for food category)

Heat source part.

1, Heat pump host: heat from the air, recovery of waste heat

2, 5P, with 12 cubic meters of baking room, the average electricity consumption of 5 degrees

3, 10P, with 25 cubic meters of baking room, the average electricity consumption of 10 degrees

4, Another 2P, 3P, 15P, and other power host

Intelligent controller.

1, Heating, cooling automatic switching work mode

2, Can set 10 time periods of different temperatures, can be queried

3, Power failure automatic memory of various parameters

4, Touch screen, timing switch function

Copeland compressor:

1, High energy efficiency, saving energy consumption

2, Low noise, quiet operation

3, High reliability, long-term reliable operation

Nut dryer advantages.

1, High efficiency and energy saving: only a small amount of electrical energy is consumed, it can absorb a large amount of heat from the air, compared with traditional drying equipment, saving about 75% of the operating cost

2, Green pollution-free: the operation process does not consume coal, natural gas, wood, etc., so there will not be any harmful toxic substances released, in line with food hygiene standards.

3, Intelligent and accurate: using intelligent PLC microcomputer control, can accurately control the drying room temperature, humidity, etc., the equipment automatically run, no manual participation, 24 hours continuous drying operations.

4, Easy to install: the equipment is easy to install, covers an area of small, can be installed indoors or outdoors.

5, Long service life: the whole set of equipment is consistent with the air conditioning technology, mature technology, stable and reliable performance, long service life.

6, A wide range of applications: not only can be used for the drying operation of nuts, but also for drying of fruits, agricultural and sideline products, meat products, herbs, and other materials, to reach the purpose of multi-use of a machine.

Introduction to the operation process of nut dryer

Air energy is actually very simple, it is a kind of equipment that carries and adjusts the heat of the air within the unit range, the simple principle is to concentrate the heat energy in the surrounding air and carry it to the closed drying box we need, and the materials to be dried are placed in the closed box, with the gradual rise of the air temperature inside it, plus the stable wind provided by the circulation fan installed inside the box, constantly bring out the moisture in the materials. moisture. Moisture vaporization to the air, high temperature, and high humidity of the hot air in the return flow to the dehumidifier encountering cold metal fins, condensing into water droplets, through the drainage pipe to discharge. This process has been cyclic until the moisture content of the material reaches the standard we set, that is, the completion of the entire process of material drying, the entire process simulates the temperature rise in the natural environment and the wind blowing from, and the environment is in an airtight state, eliminating many sources of pollution, a higher degree of hygiene.

Our official website is www.dryersc.com. If you still want to know about hemp leaf dryers and dried coconut dryers, you can consult us.

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