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Information introduction of medicinal materials dryer

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With the continuous expansion of industrialized production scale, herb dryer, to a large extent, solves the problem of slow traditional drying efficiency of Chinese herbs and the problem of high drying cost. The medicinal materials dryer can realize a variety of Chinese herbs drying through multiple process curves, such as yam, wolfberry, Panax pseudoginseng, yellow cynanche, yellow lily, Schisandra, atractylodes, party ginseng, ginseng, and other Chinese herbs can be dried, making full use of the different harvesting seasons of different Chinese herbs, using the equipment at different times and improving the utilization rate of equipment and capital.

Here is the content list:

l Advantages of herb drying machine

l Herb drying machine features.

l Process flow

Advantages of medicinal materials dryer

Medicinal materials dryer is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving drying equipment, the whole drying process completely without burning coal, firewood, charcoal, boilers, steam, only a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor can get the required heat, Chinese medicinal materials dryer in the drying process fully automatic operation, automatic constant temperature and humidity, the automatic judgment of humidity automatic dehumidification and other advantages, to avoid production pollution and other problems, airtight The baking environment, not affected by the external weather, the product does not need to be turned, save time and effort, greatly shorten the drying cycle, improve product quality, ultra-low operating costs, so that after drying the material color, taste, shape and other changes in small, small loss of medicinal effect, product quality and other advantages and become the ideal drying equipment for medicinal herbs.

Medicinal materials dryer machine features.

1, Medicinal materials dryer adopts heat pump dehumidification closed-cycle drying method, saving operation cost; no waste gas and waste heat emission, no noise pollution, environmental protection.

2, The medicinal materials dryer adopts the heat cycle heat pump dehumidification method, which broadens the application of a dehumidifier in the field of industrial drying, and the drying performance is more than 30% more energy-saving than ordinary heat pump dehumidification and drying, which greatly saves the operation cost.

3, Medium and low-temperature drying method (15-50℃/60℃/80℃), close to natural drying, good quality of dried items, good color, high product grade, no pollution, significant energy saving, and more in line with environmental health requirements.

4, The drying process of herbal drying machine materials do not deform, not crack, not discoloration, not deterioration, not oxidation, drying thoroughly, good rehydration after drying, less loss of nutrients, long storage period, more effective than any traditional drying equipment to protect the color, aroma, taste, individual form and active ingredients of dried materials.

Process flow

Drying process of herbs: material storage - start-up program setting - heating stage - constant temperature + dehydration + dehumidification stage - drying + dehydration + dehumidification stage - cooling stage.

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