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How to use the fruit and vegetable dryer?

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Fruit and vegetable dryers use a fully automatic method to dry fruits and vegetables. The correct use of fruit and vegetable dryer can not only improve its drying efficiency but also reduce its damage to itself.

Here is the content list:

l The use of fruit and vegetable dryer

l Fruits and vegetable dryer adjustment

The use of fruit and vegetable dryer

Material selection, cleaning

Selection of rich flesh of fruits and vegetables, drying should be strictly selected before the superior to remove the inferior, eliminate the diseased and insects, decay, overripe or underripe. In addition to melons to seed flesh, other types of fruits and vegetables can be rinsed clean with water, and then put in the shade to dry, but not in the sun.

Cutting, hot bleaching

The cleaned fruits and vegetables according to the needs of the cut into slices, shreds, strips and other shapes pre-cooked, depending on the type of fruits and vegetables, easy to cook through the blanching in boiling water, not easy to cook through the put in boiling water for a short time. Leafy vegetables do not do hot bleaching treatment.

Cooling, draining

Pre-boiling treatment of fruits and vegetables should be immediately cooled (usually using cold water rinse) so that it quickly drops to room temperature. After cooling, to shorten the drying time, available centrifuge water dumping, also available simple hand method pressure leaching, to be drained of water, can be spread out slightly to dry, to load the tray baking.


Should be based on different kinds of fruits and vegetables to choose different drying temperature, drying time, drying moisture content and drying process. Drying, cold air through the heat exchanger, through heat conduction, heat radiation, and heat convection, heating the air in the drying room, under the action of the blower, so that all the hot air in the drying room dispersion, hot air, and materials for full thermal exchange, in the role of moisture exhaust fan, the water vapor out of the drying room, and then reach the purpose of drying.

Fruits and vegetable dryer adjustment

Fruit and vegetable dryer in use, due to chain, belt, and bearing wear, chain tension, belt tension, and bearing clearance will change, therefore, need to be adjusted when necessary.

Adjustment of chain

The chain adjustment should pay attention to the chain climbing phenomenon when the chain is too loose, and the wear will be aggravated when it is too tight. When adjusting the chain, it is appropriate to press the loose side of the chain by hand, if it is not pressed by force, it means it is too tight, on the contrary, if it can be gently pressed by one hand, it means it is too loose and must continue to be adjusted.

Adjustment of belt

The belt tension should be adjusted by the tensioning pulley. If the belt is too tight, the belt will be worn out seriously, and if it is too loose, it is easy to slip. Generally, when the distance between the two wheels is about 1m, press the middle of the belt with your finger to make it drop 10-20 mm vertically, and adjust it at any time in use.

Adjustment of bearing clearance

Proper bearing clearance is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. There are two methods of adjustment according to different fixing methods. Where the inner ring position is fixed and the outer ring is adjustable, it is appropriate to use the method of increasing or decreasing the bearing cover shim; where the outer ring is fixed and the inner ring is adjustable, it is appropriate to use the method of adjusting the nut.

If you have questions about how to use the fruit and vegetable dryer, welcome to consult us.

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