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How to choose a grain dryer machine

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The grain dryer machine refers to a hot air drying box, which uses a rotary heating device to generate a large amount of hot air in a short time. It can kill insect eggs through high-temperature treatment and completely solve the problem of grain drying. Whether it is possible to choose a dryer with high quality, long service life, economical and practical, good reliability and a high degree of automation is very important. You can choose from the following aspects:

1. Production capacity

2. Heat source

3. Environmental conditions

4. Accessory equipment


Production capacity

The drying equipment should be large rather than small, because in most cases when the harvest season meets the rainy season, the role of the dryer is needed. Large drying capacity and low productivity cannot solve the problem. The service radius of the fixed dryer should be small rather than large, in order to reduce the transportation distance, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Mobile dryers can be used in rural areas where grain production is not concentrated and small grain production areas in the south.


Heat source

When choosing a dryer machine, local energy resources must be considered in order to achieve reasonable utilization and reduce costs. If there are coal-fired grain production areas, coal, anthracite or coke are the best heat sources, and the price is economical. If there are oil fields and natural gas, light diesel oil, heavy oil or natural gas and propane can be used as hot blast stove fuel. This fuel is expensive to use, but the one-time investment in the hot blast stove is small.


Environmental conditions

Due to the different harvest seasons of various crops and the large temperature difference between north and south, the drying effect and operating cost must be considered. For example, in coastal areas, try to avoid drying grain in low temperature and humid weather, otherwise, the dehydration effect will be poor, the productivity will be low, and the drying cost will be high. The lower the outdoor temperature, the greater the unit heat consumption and the higher the cost. Therefore, the outer wall and hot air pipe of the dryer operating below 0℃ in the north should be insulated to reduce heat loss.


Accessory equipment

To complete the drying operation, the dryer machine must be equipped with some auxiliary equipment. Continuous dryers should be equipped with upper and lower material level devices in the grain storage section, the temporary storage bin in the process should be equipped with full bin level devices, and the hoist should have automatic shutdown and blockage alarm devices. The motor should be equipped with an overload protection device and can realize manual and automatic interlocking control. The grain discharging mechanism should be able to realize speed regulation or step-less speed change. The temperature control instrument should be able to display the temperature of the hot air and the temperature of each section of the grain and be able to alarm for high temperatures. In order to test the moisture content of the rain, a quick moisture tester should be equipped.


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