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Fruits and vegetables drying machine equipment composition and characteristics

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Fruit and vegetable dryer, as the name implies, is a machine for drying vegetables and fruits, using the principle of multi-layer utilization of hot air, suitable for a variety of Chinese herbs, dried fruits, vegetables and other flakes, blocks, strips, granular items of dehydration and drying.

Here is the content list:

l Equipment composition

l Equipment features

l Scope of application

Equipment composition

The vegetable drying machine is composed of a hot air furnace (with a strong fan), air duct multi-layer overturning drying box, temperature control box equipment.

Equipment features

1, The drying effect of fruit and vegetable dryer is excellent, the finished product rate of 100 percent, dehydration quickly, completely maintain the original color and essence of the items.

(1) the provision of hot air is pure hot air, hot air temperature according to the needs of the items to provide, from 50 ℃ - 160 ℃, set the temperature range automatically controlled.

(2) The drying box is at least five layers of structure, cyclic turning, drying layer by layer, the maximum degree of simulation of the sun artificial turning.

(3) The fifth layer for the drier material, up to layer by layer gradually wet, layer by layer dehydration, the drier material contact is hot air, wetter material contact is wet hot air, avoid the wetter items directly contact dry hot air, the maximum extent to reduce the damage caused by near sunlight exposure to the nature and color of the items.

(4) Multi-layer tumble drying box items by layer by layer cycle dehydration drying, the final wet wind from the top layer directly empty, wet wind and items contact time is very short (less than 5 seconds), completely avoid the wet wind and items contact time longer and "compost" change phenomenon, to ensure the color of the items.

2, The fruit dryer combustion chamber and vertical multi-layer drying box separate, isolated, into the drying box is pure hot air, no pollution, not to mention the potential fire hazards.

3, Fuel is widely available, available wood offcuts, coal, also available natural gas, kerosene.

4, Fruit and vegetable dryer split design, drying layer of stainless steel materials, high-temperature resistance, corrosion.

5, This equipment is developed and produced according to the principle of Chinese herbal medicine, dehydration, and drying of traditional Chinese medicine, dried fruits, etc. Other drying equipment is incomparable.

Scope of application

The scope of application of vegetable drying machine (mainly drying small moisture content of strips, flakes, granules, blocks, and other items) Chinese herbs: honeysuckle, golden lotus, Scutellaria, salvia, ginseng, party ginseng, raw earth, ripe earth, atractylodes, mulberry, etc.

Fruits: almonds, dates, peanuts (in shell), cinnamon, walnuts, hawthorn slices, kiwi, dried fruit slices, fruit and vegetable slices, orange slices, etc.

Vegetables: beans, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, red pepper, pepper, black fungus, silver fungus, papaya slices, bitter melon slices, mushrooms, cucumber, etc.

No discoloration of the product after drying is the most important feature of this equipment. If you want to buy afruit and vegetable dryer, you can consider our cost-effective products. We can provide a chili dryer, spice dryer, onion dryer, ginger dryer, fruit dryer, coconut shell dryer, and other large drying equipment.

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