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  • Q How about the after-sale services ?

    About after-sale services we promise to repair for free if our products have any quality issues in 1 year.
  • Q What competitive advantages do you have in the same industry?

    A At present , for drying equipment , we have the latest intelligent object system to support remote control equipment , which can effectively control temperature , humidity , machine speed . In the future , we will further optimize the equipment to sensing , video acquisition, automatic alarm , production , adjustment of drying mode and other functions.
  • Q What products are your equipment suitable for ?

    We are a professional dryer manufacturer more than 47 years of experiences. We can provide you high quality dryer equipment for grain , vegetables , fruit , condiment, sea food , alfalfa grass , seeds , medicinal materials etc.
  • Q Do you have a complete set of related equipment?

    A Yes, We have. Such as chili drying we have relevant equipment include chili Cleaning machine, bleaching soup machine, drilling machine, cutting machine, grinding machine,automatic cloth machine, drying machine, conveying machine, color selection machine, sterilization machine, packaging machine etc.
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